• Gilberto Gil: Voices from Brazil

  • "The first real influence that led me to decide to be a musician was forró, the northeastern pop/folk music, and especially Luiz Gonzaga, the creator of that style. I was four years old when his first record came out in 1946. Later, when I first heard João Gilberto and the bossa nova songs of Tom Jobim and others, I decided, ‘OK, with baiao/forró, Luiz Gonzaga, and now bossa nova, I’m going to be a pop musician.’"—Gilberto Gil

    Here, we delve into the Brazilian popular music and particularly forró, bossa nova, and samba—musical styles close to Gilberto Gil’s heart and which also feature in the Voices from Latin America festival.

  • Gil Gilberto (Beti Niemeyer)
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  • Forró
    Festival Artistic Advisor Gilberto Gil and writer Megwen Loveless on forró and Luiz Gonzaga, including interview and performance videos, written material, and music playlists.
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  • Bossa Nova
    Using performance video, interviews, and music playlists, explore bossa nova, its deep connection with Carnegie Hall and its international reach.
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  • Samba
    This overview of samba includes performance videos of Voices from Latin America artists Paulinho da Viola and Orquestra Imperial, a documentary introduction, and suggested listening.
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