• Latin American Composers

  • Gustavo Dudamel offers a glimpse into the "soul of the Americas"—as he describes it—with a series of concert programs showcasing works by some of Latin America’s finest composers. Works by important historical figures such as the Carlos Chávez, Silvestre Revueltas, and Brazilian Heitor Villa-Lobos share programs with music by today’s composers.

    In a series of videos, Gustavo Dudamel and Osvaldo Golijov discuss some of Latin American masters featured in the orchestral programs as well as introduce the contemporary composers specially commissioned for the festival. In addition, Dudamel and Golijov touch on the fluidity between low and high culture that is such a distinctive feature of Latin America.

  • Voices from Latin America Artistic Advisors Gustavo Dudamel and Osvaldo Golijov on Latin American composers.
  • Música nueva

    Voices from Latin America artistic advisors Gustavo Dudamel and Osvaldo Golijov discuss the four living Latin American composers whose work features as part of Música nueva on December 8.

  • High Versus Low Art

    Voices from Latin America Artistic Advisor Osvaldo Golijov discusses the fluidity between so-called high and low art in Latin American culture.

  • From the Archives

    Archives and Rose Museum Director Gino Francesconi discusses Latin American music and artists at Carnegie Hall, identifying a shift from artist performing the European tradition towards a more purely Latin American aesthetic.