• Steve Reich: The 2016–2017 Richard and Barbara Debs Composer’s Chair

  • Steve Reich is a Pulitzer Prize–winning composer, acclaimed for his visionary style where perpetual pulse, novel use of repetition, and ingenious contrapuntal explorations come together in new and daring ways. But Reich’s music cannot be pigeonholed; early on, he had a fascination with non-Western musical traditions, including Indonesian gamelan, African drumming, and Hebrew cantillation. Although he began his career as an avant-garde iconoclast, he has become one of the most respected composers of our time.

    Reich holds the 2016–2017 Richard and Barbara Debs Composer’s Chair. A highlight of his residency is an all-Reich 80th birthday celebration, which includes a special concert performance of his and Beryl Korot’s groundbreaking video opera, Three Tales, and the world premiere of Pulse, a work co-commissioned by Carnegie Hall and performed by ICE conducted by David Robertson.