• A glittering cultural jewel at the heart of Europe, Vienna has for centuries drawn artists, dreamers, and innovators from all corners of the continent to its dazzling intellectual and artistic life. With its famed art salons and coffee houses, Vienna supported a unique culture in which artists and scientists, firebrands and aesthetes, met and freely exchanged ideas. From this hothouse atmosphere emerged revolutionary breakthroughs in psychology, literature, art, and music, reverberating around Europe and indeed the world.

    Carnegie Hall salutes Vienna’s extraordinary artistic legacy with Vienna: City of Dreams, a three-week citywide festival during February and March 2014 that features symphonic and operatic masterpieces, chamber music, and lieder, as well as a sampling of new sounds that are emerging from this historic cultural capital.

    The celebration also goes citywide with events at leading cultural institutions, including film series, panel discussions, art exhibitions, and even a Viennese Opera Ball, highlighting Vienna’s unrivaled cultural heritage as well as its ongoing role at the heart of Europe. More information about our partners is available here.

    • Festival Music

      Using text and video, explore 11 key pieces that will be performed by orchestras and chamber music ensembles during the festival.
    • Festival Events

      Browse the events at Carnegie Hall and over 15 other venues around the city that make up Vienna: City of Dreams.
    • Festival Partners

      The festival extends citywide through events at prestigious partner organizations, with events that include music, architecture, film, and art.
    • Festival Blog

      Explore Vienna: City of Dreams through blog posts, interviews, videos and more on our blog.
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