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Resources for Music Educators

Carnegie Hall celebrates the resourcefulness and resilience of music educators around the world who work with students in classrooms and online through a range of distance-learning platforms and technologies. Drawn from programs created by the Hall’s Weill Music Institute, this collection offers an array of digital programs and resources for educators to use free of charge.

For Grades K–5

Sbongiseni Duma, Martha Redbone, and Tupac Mantilla onstage at Carnegie Hall

Explore Music from Around the World

Through six curated programs for grades K–2, artists with personal and cultural connections to the music they teach share rich and diverse songs, dances, traditions, stories, and more.

Topics: Instruments, Composers
Activities: Listening, Watching, Singing, Movement
Time commitment: 15 minutes–2 hours

Taxi cabs drive by Carnegie Hall at night

Take a Peek into Carnegie Hall’s History

Learn about Carnegie Hall’s exciting history in this playful animated video filled with music by artists who have graced its stages, from Tchaikovsky to the Beatles and beyond.

Topic: Carnegie Hall
Activity: Watching
Time commitment: 10 minutes

A diagram depicting the various instruments in an orchestra

Discover the World of the Orchestra

Introduce your students to the sounds of the orchestra with this robust collection of lesson plans, student activities, and teaching videos for grades 3–5.

Topics: Orchestra, Instruments, Composers
Activities: Listening, Singing, Movement, Recorder Playing
Time commitment: 45 minutes–2 hours

An illustration of personified orchestra instruments

Go on a Listening Adventure

This interactive, online game for young learners dives into the components of the orchestra through Britten’s iconic piece, “The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra.” (Adobe Flash Player is required.)

Topics: Orchestra, Instruments
Activity: Play Time
Time commitment: 15 minutes–2 hours

For Grades 6–12

An audio sampler

Discover Digital Music Production

In this five-part course, your students can join producer and percussionist Charles Burchell in his digital music studio to play around with tools and learn how to create loops, beats, basslines, melodies, and arrangements.

Topics: Digital Media, Music Production
Activities: Watching, Participatory Course
Time commitment: 30 minutes–2 hours

Bridget Barkan with a guitar

Write Your Own Song

In this five-part course, songwriter and performer Bridget Barkan details how to write a meaningful original song. She shares how to first find inspiration and generate song ideas, then write a chorus, bridge, and verses, before putting the final touches on your composition.

Topics: Voice, Songwriting
Activities: Watching, Participatory Course
Time commitment: 20 minutes–2 hours

 Marin Alsop conducts the Orquestra Sinfônica do Estado de São Paulo

Explore Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony

Marin Alsop dissects each movement of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony to share her vision for the story of this beloved work.

Topics: Beethoven, Symphonies
Activity: Watching
Time commitment: 5–15 minutes

Music stands on stage

Revisit “Ode to Joy”

This conversation guide (PDF) details the history and legacy of Beethoven’s groundbreaking—and still relevant—Ninth Symphony, and includes discussion prompts that can connect to other compositions.

Topics: Beethoven, Symphonies
Activities: Reading, Discussion
Time commitment: 15 minutes–2 hours

A young female musician plays the flute

Learn from Aspiring Musicians

In these mini–master classes, members and alumni of Carnegie Hall’s national youth ensembles (NYO-USA, NYO2, and NYO Jazz) discuss a range of topics, including mastering fast passages, conquering stage fright, essential items for your instrument case, and other pro tips.

Topics: Practice, Performance
Activities: Watching
Time commitment: 15 minutes–2 hours

Sir Antonio Pappano conducts NYO-USA at Carnegie Hall

Listen to Peer Musicians

Hear the future of classical music and jazz when the extraordinary young musicians of Carnegie Hall’s national youth ensembles join forces with today’s most celebrated artists.

Topics: Orchestra, Jazz, Performance
Activities: Watching, Listening
Time commitment: 15 minutes–2 hours

A teacher instructs a young musician

Master New Techniques

Step into a master class or workshop at Carnegie Hall led by renowned artists and educators as they coach students in a wide range of topics.

Topics: Workshop, Master Class, Vocal, Instrumental
Activities: Watching
Time commitment: 5–30 minutes

Young students peruse the Carnegie Hall book "American Roots" together

Explore African American Song

This interactive curriculum familiarizes students with African American work songs, Spirituals, and gospel music to understand their historical and cultural significance.

Topics: Spirituals, Gospel, History
Activities: Watching, Listening
Time commitment: 15 minutes–2 hours

For Professional Development

Illustration of a man and a little girl singing together with musical notes in the air around them

Map Out Musical Milestones

This comprehensive toolbox provides K–5 music educators with grade-specific resources that address fundamentals of music with assessments to help you measure your success and reach key milestones with your students.

Topics: Orchestra, Instruments, Composers, Performance
Activities: Singing, Listening, Movement
Time commitment: 10 minutes–2 hours

Summer Music Educators Workshop rehearsal - Turtle Bay School of Music

Discover Great Teaching: Reflect

Explore seven impulses that are building blocks of great teaching, and consider how you can implement them to expand your teaching.

Topics: Artistry, Community, Equity
Activities: Reading
Time commitment: 15 minutes–2 hours

Michael Haithcock leads a group of music educators in an exercise

Discover Great Teaching: Implement

Bring elements of great teaching to life through a variety of exercises and activities for your K–12 classroom led by top educators and artists.

Topics: Artistry, Composition, Improvisation
Activities: Watching
Time commitment: 5–10 minutes

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