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Weill Music Institute

The education and social impact programs of Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute connect hundreds of thousands of young people, families, students, community members, aspiring artists, and educators with creative musical experiences, nurturing the finest musical talent at all levels and harnessing the power of the arts to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.


Free Online Offerings

Learn with Carnegie Hall

Watch episodes from this weekly series of live streams—drawn from programs spearheaded by WMI and Ensemble Connect—that showcases the power of music to enrich, inspire, and connect.

Resources for Families

Explore activities and videos for children of all ages that encourage musical learning, discovery, and play.

Resources for Music Educators

Expand your lesson plans, experience education in action with workshop videos, and develop your teaching skills with tips from top educators.

Resources for Young Musicians

Create original music across genres, hear insights from professional musicians, collaborate with peers, learn how to conquer stage fright, and more.

Future Music Ensemble

About the Weill Music Institute

Learn about the education and social impact programs of Carnegie Hall.

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