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In Response

Music has always given us hope when times are darkest. Music brings people together. We tell our stories through music. We fight for justice through music. Sounds and lyrics, voices and instruments all carry the messages of our hearts and our hopes In Response to the world around us and our personal experiences.

Join Us In Response

Throughout the 2020–2021 season, composers across the country are creating new music to empower themselves and their communities In Response to the world around us. Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute invites you to join this community of learners and creators who are channeling their energies into the hopeful act of writing a new song or piece of music. This project is part of Carnegie Hall’s Voices of Hope online festival.

Wherever you are making music and with whatever means you have to create new music, dig into the question of how you respond to the challenges in your life. You could write a poem and set it to music. You could create a solo a cappella performance, a song for voice and guitar or piano, a string quartet or a jazz quintet. You could respond to another artist’s work. Use your new piece to share your ideas about racial justice. Meet up with friends online or safely outside to create something together. Any way you can, say something through your music.

The deadline to submit songs has now passed. Please check back for more information about In Response and other events in the Voices of Hope festival.


Carnegie Hall has numerous resources to help composers hone their craft. Visit the links below to join our community of learners.

Discover Digital Music Production

In this five-part course, your students can join producer and percussionist Charles Burchell in his digital music studio to play around with tools and learn how to create loops, beats, basslines, melodies, and arrangements.

Write Your Own Song

In this five-part course, songwriter and performer Bridget Barkan details how to write a meaningful, original song. She explores the power of music and provides a step-by-step approach to crafting a song that truly speaks to your ideas and emotions.

Listen to Other Songwriters

Listen to songs written by members of the Carnegie Hall learning community for past songwriting projects.

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