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Musical Connections

Committed to helping people achieve positive, meaningful creative goals, Musical Connections invites men at Sing Sing Correctional Facility to create and perform music with visiting artists. A series of workshops focuses on developing composition, arrangement, instrumental, and vocal skills, while several concerts for the facility’s residents, staff, and families feature original works written and performed by the artistic community.

After returning home to New York City, men meet regularly to support each other, inform the program as an advisory committee, and continue to make and perform music with support from Musical Connections teaching artists. A band made up of members of the committee, THE FREEDOM TRAP, performs at a range of conferences and gatherings. The musicians’ individual stories and music are regularly featured as part of events presented by academic, philanthropic, governmental, and justice-involved organizations.

Partnership Opportunities: Teaching Artists
Available for Partnerships: New York State
Season: School Year

Learn with Carnegie Hall: Musical Connections

Music can be a tool of hope and healing, providing a way to process and respond to even the most challenging times. Witness these artists—along with faculty, family, and friends—as they share their vision of a path forward through music.

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Learn firsthand about the artistic community at Sing Sing Correctional Facility, part of Carnegie Hall’s Musical Connections.

I want my music to show that it helped me change my life and gave me a new outlook on how I live my life now.
— Paul, Musical Connections Program Participant
Musical Connections helped me realize that, regardless of my incarceration, I still have a voice and power to change the lives of others around me. I do this by continuing to assist my musical community at Sing Sing and to provide service as a case management prerelease coordinator for those who return home.
— Dexter, Musical Connections Advisory Committee Member
I’ve learned more than just the technique of performance—I’ve learned about self-confidence and collaboration with others, which I so richly enjoy.
— James, Musical Connections Program Participant

Featured Original Music

Listen to music composed by men at Sing Sing Correctional Facility, who perform their work with visiting artists for the facility’s residents and staff.

Ford Foundation

Lead support for Musical Connections is provided by Nicola and Beatrice Bulgari and the Ford Foundation.

Ameriprise Financial

Major funding is provided by Ameriprise Financial and MetLife Foundation.

Additional support has been provided by JMCMRJ Sorrell Foundation.

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