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Musical Explorers

Welcome to Carnegie Hall’s Musical Explorers! This program connects children (recommended ages 4–8) to rich and diverse musical communities as they build fundamental music skills through listening, singing, and moving to songs from all over the world. Jump around between activities, featured artists, and digital concerts and grow your musical horizons.

Musical Explorers is a curriculum from Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute (WMI) that is used in classrooms in New York City and around the world. We have adapted our classroom curriculum for families with children to use at home and discover the wide world of music. WMI serves families around the world through a growing online library of free resources for families that encourage musical learning, discovery, and play.


Bomba and Plena with Juan and Julia

Explore the artistic expressions of bomba and plena from Puerto Rico through singing and dancing with Juan and Julia and then create your own “Sung Newspaper” by writing and drawing.

Featured Artists

Georgian Folk with Ilusha

Discover music from the country of Georgia, situated at the border of Asia and Europe, and learn two songs “Shina Vorgil” and “Shen Genatsvale.”

Native American with Martha

Much traditional music of Native American tribes is songs and dances that continue to be performed at powwows and other social gatherings. Learn social dances and “40 Wheels.”

Malian Traditional with Yacouba

Yacouba introduces the kora, an instrument from Mali made of a hollowed gourd covered in animal hide, and teaches two songs “Kelefaba” and “Wawanko.”

Bomba and Plena with Juan and Julia

Discover the rhythms and expressions of bomba and plena, and learn two songs “Estoy Buscano un Árbol” and “Ola de la Mar.”

Hip Hop with Soul Science Lab

Explore hip hop, the latest iteration of Black music in America, and learn two songs “Hip Hop Hooray” and “Higher.”

Chinese Traditional with Qian Yi

Discover Chinese traditional music, including opera, and learn two songs “Mo Li Hua” and “Gong Xi, Gong Xi.”

Digital Concert Experience

Participate with your family in an interactive concert experience filmed at Carnegie Hall and available on demand from the comfort of your home.

Georgian Folk, Freedom Songs, and Haitian

Ilusha shares Georgian folk music; Imani Uzuri presents freedom songs; and Emeline explores the sound of Haitian music in this highly participatory concert perfect for the whole family.

Where Do Our Artists Come From?

A world map with scattered pinpoints features photos of artists next to their respective countries.
Interactive Map
Discover the geographic roots of the musical genres featured in Musical Explorers through our interactive Around the World Map.
Family Newsletter

Fund II Foundation, Siegel Family Endowment

Lead funding for Musical Explorers has been provided by Fund II Foundation, Linda and Earle S. Altman, Siegel Family Endowment, and Ralph W. and Leona Kern.

Additional lead funding for Musical Explorers has been graciously provided by JJR Foundation and JMCMRJ Sorrell Foundation.


Major funding for Musical Explorers has been provided by The Walt Disney Company.

Additional support has been provided by The Edwin Caplin Foundation and Mr. Chretien Risley, Trustee; Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation; and KPMG LLP.

Musical Explorers is also made possible, in part, by an endowment gift from The Irene Diamond Fund.

The Weill Music Institute's programs are made available to a nationwide audience, in part, by an endowment grant from the Citi Foundation.

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