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Grant Application

PlayUSA will not be accepting applications for new grants in the 2021–2022 season. Please check back in Fall 2021 for information regarding the next grant cycle.

The primary objectives of PlayUSA grants and support are to

  • reduce the barriers to entry in music learning and performance for students from economically under-resourced communities
  • make a transformative investment in the creativity and human development of students
  • engage in partnerships with grantees that increase the organizational capacity, effectiveness, and impact of socially responsive instrumental instruction

Grant Criteria

In order to apply to be a part of Carnegie Hall’s PlayUSA, an organization must

  • provide equitable instrumental instruction to K–12 students
  • reduce the barriers to entry in music learning and performance for K–12 students by providing no-cost instruction
  • provide sustained high-quality music instruction in private, small group, or ensemble settings to a diverse pool of students
  • provide instruments to young people by subsidizing instrument rental, purchase, and repair
  • demonstrate interest in joining a national network of community-based music programs to discuss best teaching practices and engage in yearlong professional development

PlayUSA partnership includes

  • financial support for new or expanded programmatic work
  • program development consultation in working with partners to solve problems, address challenges, and build on best practices in the field
  • professional development both online and in-person for music educators to support delivery of exceptional programs

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