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Part Two: Drums

Groove along with Charles as he breaks down the parts of the drum set and uses a digital sequencer to create new drumbeats.

Your First Assignment

  1. Answer the following questions based on the video:
    • How do the drums provide the musical heartbeat of a song?
    • What are the different instruments that make up a drum set?
    • What are the six categories that we define drum samples by?
    • How did the drum machine change the way that we hear drums in popular music?
    • Pick one of the beats that you heard, and find a way to visually represent each of the parts of the beat.
  2. Review this list of key music production terminology.
    • rhythm: a strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound
    • groove: an insistent rhythm that defines a type of music
    • tempo: the speed at which your digital song progresses
    • bar: a way of organizing the written music in small sections where each bar is a small amount of time
    • drum set: a collection of drums and cymbals used in popular music to create a groove
    • analog synthesis: the process of creating musical sounds using variations in electricity
    • digital sampling: the act of reusing a portion of a sound recording as an instrument or audio recording in a different song

Your Second Assignment

  1. Login to SoundTrap and open up a new file or one of your loop experiments.
  2. Create an original four-bar loop using only drums and percussion. Try three different grooves and tempos.
  3. Represent your beat using a grid to denote the value and sounds of the beat.
  4. Listen back to your new beat.
    • What style of music does your new drum beat sound like?
    • How do the drum beat and loops interact with each other? Are they complementary, or do they work against each other?

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