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Part Two: Inspiration

Try out several different approaches to brainstorming and generating song ideas as you look for inspiration within your life and environment.

Your First Assignment

  1. Do your own practice brainstorm session for the “worst love song ever” using the free-write and observation brainstorm methods that Bridget used. This is meant to be a funny way of practicing the brainstorm tools before you use them for your original song.
    • Identify the concept of your “worst love song ever.”
    • Write a title for it.
  2. Answer the following questions about your “worst love song ever” brainstorm:
    • How did focusing on a made-up prompt impact how you think about ideas for new songs?
    • Which exercise gave you the most ideas?
    • Which exercise was easy? Which one was difficult? Why?
    • What kind of connections did you make with things from your thoughts and things you discovered in the world around you?

Your Second Assignment

  1. Meditate for one minute to clear your mind for brainstorming.
  2. Go through the brainstorm exercises (observation and free-write) to choose the concept for your song.
  3. Define your four seeds and create the bubble chart.
  4. Answer the following basic knowledge questions about your song concept:
    • What do you know about this specific idea?
    • How does it make you feel?
    • What does it make you think of?
  5. Answer the five senses questions connected to each of your four seeds. Let the brainstorm take you on the ride—follow the goosebump feeling you might get when you know you are onto something.
    • When you think of this idea …
      • What do you see?
      • What do you feel?
      • What do you taste?
      • What do you hear?
      • What can you smell?
  6. Take a short break.
  7. Return to your brainstorming and identify the heart of your brainstorm sessions.
  8. Write a title for your original song.

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