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Part Five: The Bridge and Completing Your Song

Learn about the purpose of a bridge and figure out if your song needs one before finishing up and reflecting on your journey.

Your First Assignment

  1. Listen to the songs that Bridget introduced in the video:
  2. Select one of the songs from above and answer the following questions about that song:
    • What do you think the bridge added to the song?
    • How was the bridge different from the other parts of the songs?
    • How does the bridge of this song make you feel? What parts of the music contributed to this feeling?
  3. Find another song with a bridge and explain why you think it was added to the song and what it contributed to the song’s message.

Your Second Assignment

Responding to the idea that your song is a journey, identify the different parts of that journey:

  • What is the “call to adventure” in your song? (This is what you wanted in your song.)
  • What is the “abyss” in your song? (This is the struggle of your song.)
  • What is your “return” in the song? (This is the lesson of your song.)
  • Formulate an “I am” statement for your song. (E.g., I am … We know … We are …)

Your Third Assignment

Write the bridge to your original song using the criteria discussed in the video. Invite a friend to collaborate if you need or want to.

Your Fourth Assignment

Now that you have finished your song, think about the whole journey of creating it. Meditate for 1–5 minutes and answer the questions about the “hero’s journey” of this songwriting workshop.

  • What was your “call to adventure” in this course? What did you want from this course? What was your favorite part of the process? Why?
  • What was your “abyss” in this course? What part of the process was most difficult for you? Why?
  • What was your “return” in this course? What have you learned about yourself and about music through this process?
  • What about this course do you want to share with others?

Final Thoughts from Bridget

  • You have grown your tree from the ground of your purpose. You found seeds of inspiration, watered them, and gave them sun. Your first root—the chorus—grew from this inspiration. The branches stemmed out from the chorus. Your song bloomed full of leaves and bore fruit. Now, find a way to share your song, if your heart is feeling that. Sing it to a friend, teach it to a neighbor—find a way to share.
  • Meditation is a restart. Increase the time that you meditate using a timer or an app. It is a valuable tool for so many aspects of your life.
  • Follow the goosebump feeling.
  • Find the game.
  • Turn up.
  • Expression over perfection.
  • What are you returning with at the end of the song?
  • Ask yourself questions, and let that inspire you to ask questions of the world around you. Getting to the truth of your own heart will help you get to the truth of the world.
  • There is power in your life, power in your word, power in your song. Power in you. Love in you. Peace in you.

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Video Credits

Director of Photography: John Miller

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