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Chapter Three: Victory

Lesson Three: Make a Joyful Noize

Chen and Asante demonstrate how to tell a compelling story through song verses and show you how to shape your new song into a finished artistic statement.

Your Assignment

  1. Watch the video in which Soul Science Lab describes how the verses in your new song can tell a story from start to finish.
  2. Note how Chen and Asante focus the lyrics for Verse One on how things are in the world at this moment, and the lyrics for Verse Two on how things could be.
  3. See how they create different sections in the song “Victory” to tell a story.
  4. Brainstorm ideas for the verses based on the structure that Chen and Asante detail in the video.
    • Verse One should be about how things are in the world right now.
    • Verse Two should be about how things could be.
  5. Open your “Victory” song file in SoundTrap and extend the same heartbeat from your chorus into the verse. Add any musical additions you see fit to make sections for each part of the song and tell a story through sound.
  6. Perform your verses in this new space and sew the whole song together into a single file.
  7. Share your finished song with your teachers, friends, and family. Take their comments and make another round of edits so your mission statement really pops!
  8. After you have finished your song, reflect on the whole process that you have gone through with Chen and Asante:
    • How does your finished song really represent you and your ideas?
    • What have you discovered through this creative process that you didn’t know about yourself before?
    • What other topics, events, or feelings do you want to write songs about?
    • In your journey as an artist, what else do you want to learn?

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