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Congratulations on creating your own musical snapshot. We would love to see what you came up with and provide feedback. Email a link to your musical snapshot to TheConnectedMusician@carnegiehall.org, and you will hear back with comments from an Ensemble Connect alum or administrator.

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Musical Snapshots in Practice with Laura Weiner | The Connected Musician

Reflecting on the experience of creating a musical snapshot, Laura Weiner—French horn player, teaching artist, and Ensemble Connect alum—talks through where to go next and the ways she has integrated this work into her life as a performer.

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Welcome to Create a Musical Snapshot

Dana Kelley—violist and Ensemble Connect alum—introduces a Musical Snapshot and how she uses these skills in her career.

Part 1: Setting a Foundation

Eric Booth—teaching artist, author, and advocate—outlines the core components of being a connected musician in this three-part video series.

Part 2: Entry Points in Music

Brad Balliett—bassoonist, composer, and Ensemble Connect alum—applies the tools of teaching artists to music to engage audiences more deeply in this four-part video series.

Part 3: A Closer Look

Explore musical snapshots created by Ensemble Connect fellows and alums, and hear from Dana Kelley, Brad Balliett, and Laura Weiner about their process.

Part 4: Create Your Musical Snapshot

Laura Weiner—French horn player, teaching artist, and Ensemble Connect alum—provides a step-by-step guide to help you craft your own musical snapshot, and Nathaniel Stevens, director, includes some helpful tips and tricks for making a great recording.

About The Connected Musician

Carnegie Hall’s The Connected Musician is a self-paced, interactive video series for collegiate and early professional performers. Inspired by the visionary mission of Ensemble Connect and featuring guidance from alums of the program and leaders in the field, The Connected Musician expands your toolkit to include new approaches to engage modern audiences and to spark joy and connection through music.

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