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Meet Carnegie Hall’s Teaching Artists

Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute serves more than 800,000 people each year across New York City, the US, and around the globe through programs and partnerships in schools, community centers, homeless shelters, correctional facilities, healthcare settings, and in partnership with orchestras and arts organizations to support music learning at all levels. Carnegie Hall teams up with a diverse roster of talented professional artists who lead many of the program activities in New York, connecting directly with participants and building relationships through the power of music. Each year, more than 50 teaching artists bring their valuable expertise and skill sets to communities, families, and teachers. Teaching artists also receive professional development training and support from Carnegie Hall in order to share their experiences and best practices most effectively.

Eleni Arapoglou, Early Childhood Programs
Bridget Barkan, Early Childhood Programs, Future Music Project, and New York Community Trust
Lara Bello, Early Childhood Programs
Orson Benjamin, Future Music Project
Jeanette Berry, Early Childhood Programs
Theo Bleckmann, Musical Connections
Takiema Bunche Smith, Music Educators Workshop
Starr Busby, Early Childhood Programs
Charles Burchell, New York Community Trust
Thomas Cabaniss, Music Educators Workshop and Early Childhood Programs
Cornell Carelock, Future Music Project
John Carlson, Musical Connections
Sarah Elizabeth Charles, Musical Connections and Future Music Project
Willerm Delisfort, Musical Connections
Brian Drye, Music Educators Workshop
Emily Eagen, Early Childhood Programs
Pala Garcia, Early Childhood Programs
Peter Hess, Musical Connections
Arlen Hlusko, Musical Connections
Marika Hughes, Early Childhood Programs
Margaret Jenks, New York Community Trust
Saskia Lane, Early Childhood Programs and Future Music Project
Frederic Las Fargeas, Early Childhood Programs
Mike LaValle, Future Music Project
Daniel Linden, Early Childhood Programs
Gabo Lugo, Future Music Project
Juana Luna, Early Childhood Programs
Jason Marshall, Musical Connections
Kristin McCloud, Future Music Project
Allan Mednard, Musical Connections
Camila Meza, Early Childhood Programs
Jonathan Michel, Musical Connections
Beata Moon, Music Educators Workshop
Matt Moran, Musical Connections
Nasimiyu Murumba, Early Childhood Programs
Okai, Future Music Project
Robert Pollock, Musical Connections
Aynsley Powell, Future Music Project
Sticky Rice, Future Music Project
Jean Rohe, Musical Connections, Early Childhood Programs, and Future Music Project
Clay Ross, Future Music Project
Sonia De Los Santos, Early Childhood Programs
Falu Shah, Early Childhood Programs and Future Music Project
Kavita Shah, Early Childhood Programs
James Shipp, Early Childhood Programs and Future Music Project
Samantha Spiridellis, Early Childhood Programs
Skye Steele, Musical Connections and Future Music Project
Deidre Struck, Early Childhood Programs
Mazz Swift, Early Childhood Programs
Shirazette Tinnin, Musical Connections
Leo Traversa, Musical Connections
Ilusha Tsinadze, Early Childhood Programs and Future Music Project
Chris Washburne, Musical Connections and Early Childhood Programs
Shanna Whitney, New York Community Trust
Paul Wilson, Future Music Project

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