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Core Activities

The following activities are a launch pad into Musical Explorers. These activities are designed to complement the core curriculum, further supporting students’ musical curiosity and development as they become true musical explorers.

Sing the “Carnegie Hall Musical Explorers Song”

The “Carnegie Hall Musical Explorers Song” is the theme song of the program and is performed at the beginning and end of each concert experience. This song can be a great way to introduce students to the world of Musical Explorers and can become a staple in your warm-up.

Exploring the World of Sound

These activities are designed to work individually—both inside the classroom and at home—and as classroom projects (e.g., taking a sound discovery walk or making DIY instruments out of found objects in your classroom).

Where Do Our Artists Come From?

Discover the geographic roots of the musical genres featured in the curriculum through our interactive Musical Explorers Around the World Map.

Vocal and Body Warm-Ups

Demonstrated with direct-to-student videos led by teaching artist Shanna Whitney, these warm-up exercises can be used to establish a routine that fosters healthy vocal technique, kinesthetic learning, and active listening.

Rhythm Training School

Master percussionist Tupac Mantilla leads body percussion and found object challenges in direct-to-student videos. There is a set for students in grades K–2 and another for grades 3–5.

Developing an Explorer Mindset

Created for students specifically in grades 3–5, music educator Margaret Jenks asks thought-provoking questions on how to develop an explorer mindset.

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