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Digital Concert Experience

Your Musical Explorers semester culminates with a concert that can be enjoyed on demand as a digital experience at your school. Although the students will not physically be at Carnegie Hall, you should empower them as audience members to fully participate with the concert by singing along, dancing, and interacting with the artists and host.

To get ready for your Digital Concert Experience:
  • Familiarize yourself with the concert ahead of time so that you can better facilitate throughout the performance.
  • Prepare all the adults beforehand for what this experience will be. Share what the Musical Explorers program is about and the connection that your students have to the artists.
  • Invite guests to join the digital experience. For example, you might invite students who will be doing the program in the following year to get them excited about the experience, or family members who have learned about the program from their children. Your Musical Explorers students can lead those attending in song and movement.
  • Issue “tickets” to your excited concertgoers.
  • Hold a digital experience in your auditorium or a larger space outside of the classroom.
  • Act as a co-host for the concert. For example, at the beginning of each Musical Explorers concert, the host usually directs a question to the audience members. As the co-host at your school, we encourage you to engage your students in that and other questions that arise.
  • Invite students to perform on your stage! For example, during each Musical Explorers concert, the host invites three students to join the prepared dance onstage. Model this at your event!
  • Encourage participation from all attendees! By modeling participation—standing, singing, and moving to choreography—you and your colleagues can demonstrate engagement with each song during the concert.

Before the Concert

  • Review the three artists and their music.
  • Look at the Musical Explorers Around the World Map for your Program and have students find the countries represented on the map. Ask students what they remember about the artists and the music.
  • Listen to each song.
  • Brainstorm with students about how to be active listeners, enthusiastic performers, and successful audience members during the concert.
  • Prepare for the surprise songs.
    • During the concert, each of the artists will sing a surprise song that the students have not heard or studied. These songs are selected to complement the two songs in the curriculum and to provide students with an active listening experience as they encounter new music for the first time in a concert setting.
    • Explain to students that they are in for some exciting surprises during the concert because there will be three songs that they have never heard before. You can ask them to raise their hands or say, “Surprise!” when they hear a surprise song at the concert.
    • Ask students to guess what the surprise songs by each artist will be like.
      • Will they be fast or slow? Quiet or loud?
      • Will there be movement or dancing?
    • Explain that you will be seeing how much they remember about the surprise songs after the concert.

After the Concert

  • Discuss the overall concert experience.
  • Discuss the surprise songs.
    • What surprise songs do you remember?
    • What do you remember about these songs? Were they slow or fast, long or short? Was there movement to do? Was there any part that you sang along with?
    • Which was your favorite surprise song and why?
  • Reflect on the concert experience by having students write letters to their favorite artists, using the student activity sheet provided.
  • Share your students’ reflections by emailing them to musicalexplorers@carnegiehall.org.

Concert Videos

Participate with your students in a culminating interactive concert experience filmed at Carnegie Hall and available on demand from the comfort of your school.

Musical Explorers Program One Concert

This interactive concert experience, filmed live at Carnegie Hall’s Zankel Hall, features Georgian Folk with Ilusha, Freedom Songs with Imani Uzuri, and Haitian with Emeline.

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