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Argentine Folk with Sofía R. and Sofia T.

Sofía Rei grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital and cosmopolitan center; Sofia Tosello grew up on a farm in the Argentine countryside. They found each other in New York City, where each has honed her own singular musical style, growing from deep roots in Argentine traditions and encompassing a range of influences, including pop, classical, and particularly jazz.

Like the two performers, Argentina’s traditional music has parallel rural and urban strands. The music of the cities is characterized by tango, a musical style and dance born in Buenos Aires in the 19th century, blending European and African elements. A rural, folk counterpart to tango that developed at the same time is the chacarera—the song style and dance that the students will be learning.

Meet Sofía R. and Sofia T.!

Introduce your students to Sofía R. and Sofia T. with this “Meet Sofía R. and Sofia T.” video. Visit the video index to watch all the videos for Sofía R. and Sofia T. and the other Program Two artists.


A kitchen with a dining table and shelves
Lesson 1: Learning “La Cocinerita”
Students learn to sing the chorus to “La Cocinerita”; understand the song’s 6/8 rhythms; and create soundscape compositions using kitchen sounds.
Mate gourds
Lesson 2: Learning “Chacarera del Rancho”
Students learn to sing the song “Chacarera del Rancho” and dance the chacarera while exploring rhythmic layers.

Resources for Teachers

The following resources provide background information about the musical genre and culture. Some are intended to be shared with students; others are for teachers who may want to explore further on their own.



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“San Telmo” by Pablo Dodda  is licensed by CC BY 2.0.
“Mate” by Derek Oyen is licensed by CC BY-NC 2.0.

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